Itsumo Nando Demo

CD No: Tokuma Japan TKCA-72166
Release date: 18 Jul 2001
Price: Y1000
Total length: 11:19 (3 tracks)

The CD single of the ED theme song. The gentle and simple song is a wonderful way to end the fantasy movie.

NHT rating: Rating

1. itsumo nandodemo (Kimura Yumi) 3:36
[Always, Again and Again]
LYC: Kaku Wakako MSC: Kimura Yumi ARG: Kimura Yumi
2. inochi no namae (Kimura Yumi) 3:50
[Name of Life]
LYC: Kaku Wakako MSC: Hisaishi Jou ARG: Hisaishi Jou
3. inochi no name (karaoke) 3:51
[Name of Life]
MSC: Hisaishi Jou ARG: Hisaishi Jou

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