Time Capsule 10

CD No: Meldac MECH-28114
Release date: 16 Dec 2000
Price: Y2667
Total length: 68:04 (14 tracks)

This is a collection of five songs he loves. He has chosen from very wide range of music and the only anime-related one is The Real Folk Blues from Cowboy Bebop.
BTW, he talks about these songs, including why he chose them, in the "MC" tracks with Ishida Youko.

NHT rating: Rating

1. koishikute 5:30
2. MC-1 3:21
3. The Real Folk Blues 5:51
LYC: Iwasato Yuuho MSC: Kanno Youko ARG:
4. MC-2 3:16
5. furui nikki 2:48
[An Old Diary]
LYC: Yasui Kazumi MSC: Makaino Kouji ARG:
6. MC-3 3:54
7. Missing 4:25
LYC: Kubota Toshiyuki MSC: Kubota Toshiyuki ARG:
8. MC-4 9:31
9. tenshi-tachi no uta 5:22
[Song of the Angels]
LYC: Sakamoto Satoru MSC: Sakamoto Satoru ARG:
10. koishikute (karaoke) 5:31
11. The Real Folk Blues (karaoke) 5:52
MSC: Kanno Youko ARG:
12. furui nikki (karaoke) 2:49
[An Old Diary]
MSC: Makaino Kouji ARG:
13. Missing (karaoke) 4:26
MSC: Kubota Toshiyuki ARG:
14. tenshi-tachi no uta (karaoke) 5:22
[Song of the Angels]
MSC: Sakamoto Satoru ARG:

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