Yakusoku no Eve

CD No: Toshiba EMI TOCT-5964
Release date: 28 Nov 1990
Price: Y1456
Total length: 18:05 (4 tracks)

A maxi-single (or mini-album in those days) of four Christmas songs. The title song has a different arrangement from that in "Vocu" and more accorsitc and mellow.

NHT rating: Rating

1. When You Wish upon a Star 4:12
LYC: Leigh Harline MSC: Ned Washington ARG: Tomita Motohiro
2. Last Christmas Eve 4:01
LYC: Yazawa Family MSC: Yazawa Eikichi ARG: Yamauchi Kaoru
3. Give Love on Christmas Day 3:53
LYC: Dake Richards & Berry Gordy MSC: Frederick J Perren, Alphonso J Mizell & Christine Yarian ARG: Yamauchi Kaoru
4. yakusoku no Eve (1990 version) 5:57
[Christams Eve of Promise]
LYC: Wada Kanako MSC: Matsuo Kiyonori ARG: Tomita Motohiro

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