CD No: Columbia Music Entertainment COCX-32860
Release date: 25 Aug 2004
Price: Y2900
Total length: 57:00 (12 tracks)

Kana's first full album. It seems they tried a wide range of songs and, as a result, the CD doesn't carry consistent impression throughout, IMO. Given her voice and style of singing, I like those "youthful" songs such as Tracks 3 and 6 better than those with more mature mood (say, Track 4). On the whole, I'd say it is not recommended for everybody but those who likes her voice may be interested in getting it.
The title of the album is a created word and has two meanings; "Colour of Kana" and "Playing the Colour (as in 'playing the piano')". Also it might be worth noticing that some popular names like Katakura Mikiya and Hinata Megumi are seen in the credit.

NHT rating: Rating

1. No Name 4:42
LYC: Iwasato Yuuho MSC: Matsuda Nobuo ARG: Matsuda Nobuo
2. Cinderella Escalation 5:42
LYC: Ozaki Yukie MSC: Nakamura Nozomu ARG: Miyahara Keita
3. namida-biyori 4:57
[Ideal Day for Tears]
LYC: Ueda Kana MSC: Takahashi Nobuyoshi ARG: Miyahara Keita
4. hanabi 4:37
LYC: Tsuburaya Kazumi MSC: Tsuburaya Kazumi ARG: en avant
5. soshite mou ichido 5:01
[And Once More]
LYC: Joe Rinoie MSC: Joe Rinoie ARG: Joe Rinoie
6. chikyuu Merry-Go-Round 4:15
[Earth Merry-Go-Round]
LYC: Obata Hideyuki MSC: Miyahara Keita ARG: Miyahara Keita
7. minami juujisei 4:13
[The Southern Cross]
LYC: Iwasato Yuuho MSC: Seki Junjirou ARG: Seki Junjirou
8. ano hito 5:15
[The Man in My Memory]
LYC: Andou Sakura MSC: Andou Sakura ARG: Motomichi Shunya
9. kaze ni nose te 4:55
[Putting on the Back of the Wind]
LYC: Ueda Kana MSC: Seki Junjirou ARG: Seki Junjirou
10. Take a Chance 4:24
LYC: kaoru MSC: Tomono Katsumi ARG: Katakura Mikiya
11. Dry Curry 4:11
LYC: Hinata Megumi MSC: Hinata Megumi ARG: Miyahara Keita
12. ai no uta 4:41
[Song of Love]
LYC: Ueda Kana MSC: Ueda Kana ARG: Seki Junjirou

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