Sayonara no Wasuremono [Something which "Good-Bye" Left Behind]

CD No: Nippon Crown CRCP-15002
Release date: 21 Jan 1993
Price: Y1456
Total length: 22:03 (5 tracks)

This is a mini album from Crown's "Orginal Seiyuu Performace Series". Both of the two songs are gentle and soothing. I like Track 3 much better than Track 1. Although Track 2 is called an "interview", it's recitation of a poem, which matches the image of the cover (Sakiko unbder the moonlight).

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. sayonara no wasuremono 4:14
[Something which "Good-Bye" Left Behind]
LYC: Izumi Takuya MSC: Satou Jun ARG: Satou Jun
2. totsugeki Interview 3:56
[The Dashing Interview]
3. RAM
LYC: Izumi Takuya MSC: Izumi Tetsuhito ARG: Satou Jun
4. sayonara no wasuremono (karaoke) 4:15
[Something which "Good-Bye" Left Behind]
MSC: Satou Jun ARG: Satou Jun
5. RAM (karaoke) 4:46
MSC: Satou Tetsuhito ARG: Satou Jun

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