Club Rie-Rie #2

CD No: SPE Visual Works SVWC-7035
Release date: 20 Nov 1999
Price: Y2427
Total length: 72:58 (13 tracks)

The second part of the Club Rie-Rie. The format is identical to that of #1. This time the guest is Nozawa Masako (Goku of Dragon Ball etc). The songs are now complete with proper arrangement etc.

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1. Welcome Back to "Club Rie-Rie"! 2:18
2. One of These Days 2:28
3. Poster 4:04
LYC: Iwasato Yuuho MSC: Yamasaki Youichi ARG: Yamasaki Youichi
4. Talk with Nozawa-san I 4:14
5. Sketch "Second Impact" 6:32
6. Talk with Nozawa-san I 6:24
7. kusabue 4:03
[Reed Pipe]
LYC: Warita Yasuhiko MSC: Warita Yasuhiko ARG: Warita Yasuhiko
8. Voice Sample I (Virtual Rie-Rie 1 Happy Birthday) 2:25
9. Audio Drama "Eve" (part 2) 24:43
10. Voice Sample II (Virtual Rie-Rie 2 Love Call) 2:26
11. Thank You for Comin' to "Club Rie-Rie"! 1:37
12. Mother Moon 5:10
LYC: Watanabe Mika & Yoshihara Rie MSC: Watanabe Mika ARG: Watanabe Mika
13. Voice Sample III (Animal Voice) 6:29

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