Club Rie-Rie #1

CD No: SPE Visual Works SVWC-7034
Release date: 21 Aug 1999
Price: Y2427
Total length: 63:43 (14 tracks)

This is Rie's first CD. It's kind of a promotion CD (she was a pretty new face then) and tries to introduce her character and voice. It consists of three songs, pretty long and casual chat with Horie Yui, voice samples and a drama track "Eve" (based on a manga by Hanaki Ichiya).
I bought it, all I know about her was that she voiced Saki in "Kurumi The Steel Angel." My first impression was "she has a lot to learn as a host of chat shows but she can sing." The three songs are "unfinished" and she sings to a solo piano, which is actually very nice. You can hear their finished version in #2.

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1. Welcome to "Club Rie-Rie"! 2:34
2. Let Me Introduce Myself 1:15
3. Voice Sample I (Morning Call) 1:09
4. Unfinishied Song #1 3:35
LYC: Iwasato Yuuho MSC: Yamazaki Youichi
5. Chat with Yui-chan I 10:32
6. Sketch "First Love" 4:06
7. Chat with Yui-chan II 9:42
8. Unfinished Song #2 3:43
LYC: Warita Yasuhiko MSC: Warita Yasuhiko
9. Voice Sample II ('Please Leave Your Message') 1:11
10. Audio Drama "Eve" (part 1) 16:22
11. Voice Sample III (Sound Logo for PC) 3:06
12. See You Next "Club Rie-Rie"! 1:24
13. Unfinished Song #3 4:23
LYC: Yoshihara Rie & Watanabe Mika MSC: Watanabe Mika
14. Voice Sample IV (Closing Time) 0:35

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