New Frontier

CD No: Konami KICA-7894
Release date: 23 Sep 1998
Price: Y2913
Total length: 45:05 (10 tracks)

In this album, I think she has found her style. Her voice is probably too soft to convey messages with direct power (say, comparing with Hayashibara Megumi). Here her songs are very gentle and soothing but also supported with underlying strength. As you may see it from the track titles, many songs are encouragement from her to those she cares. Definitely better than her previous albums.

NHT rating: Rating

1. megami-tachi no yoake 4:39
[Dawn of Goddesses]
LYC: Yoshimoto Yumi MSC: Asai Yasuo ARG: Fukuda Yasuhiko & Asai Yasuo
2. Brand-new Everyday 4:05
LYC: Tange Sakura MSC: Uehata Masakazu ARG: Mizushima Yasutaka
3. Journey into Myself 4:02
LYC: Yoshimoto Yumi MSC: Kan ARG: Mizushima Yasutaka
4. Free -album version- 5:10
LYC: Matsuura Yuki MSC: Matsuura Yuki & Yoshida Kiyoshi ARG: Matsuura Yuki & Yoshida Kiyoshi
5. Silent Song 5:17
LYC: Tange Sakura MSC: Miyajima Ritsuko ARG: Shigemi Tooru
6. shoujo-jidai 3:32
LYC: Hara Yoshiko MSC: Hara Yoshiko ARG: Shigemi Tooru
7. New Frontier 5:09
LYC: Tange Sakura MSC: Nakayamate Shun ARG: Shigemi Tooru
8. jibun ni dekiru nanika de 4:52
[With Whatever I can Do]
LYC: Nishiwaki Yui MSC: Fukuda Yasuhiko ARG: Fukuda Yasuhiko
9. Thinking of You 4:18
LYC: Yoshimoto Yumi MSC: Kawakami Haruhiko ARG: Kawakami Haruhiko
10. Catch up Dream 3:58
LYC: Tange Sakura MSC: Nagatsuki Maron ARG: Mizushima Yasutaka

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