Ao no Fuukei [Conferring with the Moon]

CD No: Nippon Crown CRCP-20072
Release date: 21 Sep 1993
Price: Y1942
Total length: 28:20 (5 tracks)

This is her first solo album and, like her later CDs, very acoustic and peaceful. The songs are pretty good but she sounds as if she is still trying to establish (or looking for) her style. The CD would be considerably better, IMHO, if she does it now. BTW, all the songs (except Track 2) and the CD itselfd have both Japanese and English title but one is not really exact translation of other. For example, the CD title 'ao no fuukei' literally means "Scenery of Azure".

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. izayoi 5:53
[Overture ~ Nocturne for the Forest]
LYC: Ukiha Hiromi MSC: Yasuoka Takaaki ARG: Tate Naoki
2. nagi no mikazuki 3:40
[The Crescent Moon in a Calm]
LYC: Ukiha Hiromi MSC: Tate Naoki ARG: Tate Naoki
3. tsuki de no yakusoku 5:21
[I'll Be There]
LYC: Ukiha Hiromi MSC: Hoshino Satoshi ARG: Tate Naoki
4. mizu no kioku 4:52
[Bury the Moon in Dune]
LYC: Ukiha Hiromi MSC: Satou Jun ARG: Tate Naoki
5. ao no kioku 8:32
[Conferring with the Moon]
kaze no hate ni
[Running on the Ocean]
kokoro afurete
[A Mail from the Mare]
tuki no michi
[The Ecliptic]
LYC: Ukiha Hiromi MSC: Tate Naoki ARG: Tate Naoki

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