Rasen no Prologue

CD No: Mellow Head LHCM-1002
Release date: 25 Nov 2004
Price: Y1714
Total length: 19:16 (4 tracks)

This is her first release from Mellow Head and Katakura Mikiya of ALI Project produced an interesting song for her.

NHT rating: Rating

1. rasen no Prologue 4:57
[Prologue of Spiral]
LYC: Hata Aki MSC: Katakura Mikiya ARG: Katakura Mikiya
2. ten ni furu ame 4:42
[Heavenly Rain]
LYC: Hata Aki MSC: myu ARG: refio
3. rasen no Prologue (karaoke) 4:58
[Prologue of Spiral]
MSC: Katakura Mikiya ARG: Katakura Mikiya
4. ten ni furu ame (karaoke) 4:38
[Heavenly Rain]
MSC: myu ARG: refio

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