CD No: Twofive Records TRCD-10038
Release date: 26 Sep 2003
Price: Y1200
Total length: 13:45 (3 tracks)

Sakuma Kumi's first CD contains three songs. The first two are the OP and ED song of her web radio program and the last one is apparently a theme song of an H PC game (a newly recorded version rather than the original).
Her voice and style of the songs strongly remind me of Iwao Junko throughout the CD. Track 1 is something Junko would sing in her recent CDs and her high and light voice in Track 3 sounds really like songs Junko's debut album, "Hajime Mashite". Admittedly Junko is a better singer but Kumi is decent enough to make this CD a good buy to me.

NHT rating: Rating

1. akatoki 4:53
[Scarlet Time]
LYC: Sakuma Kumi MSC: Don Makkou ARG: Asai Makoto
2. Piece of Tomorrow 4:18
LYC: Sakuma Kumi MSC: Don Makkou ARG: Asai Makoto
3. Heartful Days 4:34
LYC: Don Makkou (orig. Nanami Kenji) MSC: Ookuma Ken'ichi ARG: Ookuma Ken'ichi

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