Angel's Voice

CD No: King Records KICA-982
Release date: 22 Nov 2002
Price: Y2190
Total length: 33:57 (7 tracks)

A mini album featuring songs for winter and Christmas. The CD seems very different from her previous ones as many songs are written by new staff. Besides this is her first album released without the Star Child label. I wonder if she is looking for a new direction to go. Whatever it's an interesting CD. Track 3, a touching love song, is my absolute favourite and one of the best Masami songs.

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1. Introduction ~Maria~ 1:31
LYC: Okui Masami MSC: Okui Masami
2. White Season 5:18
LYC: Okui Masami MSC: Okui Masami ARG: Uesugi Hiroshi
3. Sanctuary 5:59
LYC: Okui Masami MSC: Sakiya Kenjirou ARG: Sakiya Kenjirou
4. Angel's Voice 4:41
LYC: Okui Masami MSC: Hayashida Kenji ARG: Uesugi Hiroshi
5. tabibito 5:21
LYC: Okui Masami MSC: Okui Masami ARG: Yoshimata Ryou
6. 2 Years 5:02
LYC: Okui Masami MSC: Yamachi ARG: Yamachi
7. 12-gatsu no kyuujitsu kutsushita o katta 6:05
[On a Holiday in December I Bought Socks]
LYC: Okui Masami MSC: Monta ARG: Uesugi Hiroshi

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