Get It!

CD No: Konami Music Entertainment KMCM-13
Release date: 25 Jul 2001
Price: Y1238
Total length: 14:11 (3 tracks)

Her fourth single is her first solo CD I bought. The songs are very different from Mitsune's image songs from Love Hina and more upbeat. Their style remind me of Hayashibara Megumi's song of a few years ago. Anyway I enjoyed this CD more than I had expected.
BTW, Track 2 is apparently the OP of the PS game, "Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories ~Memories Ringing On~".

NHT rating: Rating

1. Get It! 5:25
LYC: J Noda MSC: M Rie ARG: Yonemitsu Ryou
2. omoi... 3:59
LYC: IGA MSC: Metal Yuuki ARG: Yonemitsu Ryou
3. kaisen zen'ya 4:45
[Eve of a War]
LYC: Shibata Nana MSC: Tada Mitsuhiro ARG: Tada Mitsuhiro

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