CD No: Symphonia Records SRVC-0001
Release date: 30 Dec 2003
Price: unknown
Total length: 38:41 (8 tracks)

An indy-label CD featuring Hitomi.
As the title "palette" implies, the theme of this CD is "colours." So there are four pairs of poem/story reading and a song, related to certain colours.
The songs are OK level, IMHO, but I found the short stories very interesting and imaginative and they match her voice very well (she sounds like Rosa Foetida, rather than Yuuna, in these readings, BTW). They are kind of fairy tales for adult. For example, the first one is about a small quarrel between "colours" and the second one is an imaginative story about the beginning of the world, which reminded me of one created by Nemu and Rakka in Haibane Renmei. Unfortunately no credit is given so I can't tell who wrote them.
The sound quality of the CD seems a little poor, JFYI.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Reading 1 "shiro" 3:17
[Reading 1 "White"]
2. The White Ground 5:15
LYC: Nabatame Hitomi MSC: Nagaishi Toyokazu ARG: Nagaishi Toyokazu
3. Reading 2 "ao to midori" 4:51
[Reading 2 "Blue and Green"]
4. umi to mori wo shoukan seshi mono 6:34
[One Who Summoned Sea and Forest]
LYC: kei's K MSC: Nagaishi Toyokazu ARG: Nagaishi Toyokazu
5. Reading 3 "haiiro" 3:37
[Reading 3 "Grey"]
6. Afternoon Gray 4:53
LYC: kei's K MSC: Sugai Hideyuki ARG: Sugai Hideyuki
7. Reading 4 "aka to kuro" 4:58
[Reading 4 "Red and Black"]
8. aka to kuro 5:12
[Red and Black]
LYC: kei's K MSC: Nagaishi Toyokazu ARG: Nagaishi Toyokazu

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