Umi kara Umareta Kodomo-tachi

CD No: Radio Osaka OBC-9805
Release date: ?? ??? 1998
Price: Y762
Total length: 11:13 (3 tracks)

This CD was produced as one of a series of songs to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Radio Osaka. The song is very peaceful message and Track 2 is a fairytale-like poem, read in a young boy's voice. Still early in her career, her singing isn't great. She does a better job in Track 2.

NHT rating: Rating

1. umi kara umareta kodomo-tachi (Kuwashima Houko) 4:11
[Children Born from the Sea]
LYC: Yokoyama Takeshi MSC: Tsuru Yoshio ARG: Tsuru Yoshio
2. hajime no tamago 2:52
[The First Egg]
LYC: Emu Namae
3. umi kara umareta kodomo-tachi (karaoke) 4:09
[Children Born from the Sea]
MSC: Tsuru Yoshio ARG: Tsuru Yoshio

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