True (Pure Love) Stories

CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA-1223
Release date: 25 Oct 2000
Price: Y2667
Total length: 66:02 (6 tracks)

One can probably call this CD an image album of Kuwashima Houko.
It consists of a mysterious (almost eerie) drama which features three very different female characters (precocious 10 years old, 15 years old with poor health and slow 25 years old) and image songs for them. Houko voices all of them and shows her versatility in both acting and singing.

NHT rating: Rating

1. akai mi tabeta (Kuwashima Houko) 3:57
[I Ate a Red Berry]
LYC: Kumano Kiyomi MSC: Satou Takashi ARG: Satou Taka
2. dai-1-wa "kanna kougen no tsukikage-sou" 16:24
[Episode 1 "Pension Tsukikage in Kanna Highlands"]
3. shiroi heya (Kuwashima Houko) 4:06
[White Room]
LYC: Kumano Kiyomi MSC: Takagi Mayumi ARG: Satou Taka
4. dai-2-wa "tou no naka no tori" 14:40
[Episode 2 "A Bird in the Tower"]
5. Perfect Blue Sky (Kuwashima Houko) 4:26
LYC: Kumano Kiyomi MSC: Satou Takashi ARG: Satou Taka
6. dai-3-wa "Miduki" 22:28
[Episode 3 "Miduki"]

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