Songbook Feat.

CD No: Conami Music Entertainment KMCA-153
Release date: 3 Apr 2002
Price: Y2913
Total length: 46:51 (11 tracks)

A collection of songs Kuwaho- has song for games and radio programs etc.
Many songs seem to be from early days of her seiyuu career and she sounds younger. Also the songs are simpler and more upbeat than her recent original, "Flores" (if you compare her expression on the cover photo of the two CDs, you'll be able to tell their difference in the mood).
My favourites are Track 3, 4 and 5.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Love Candle Story 3:49
LYC: Tsuruta Kanako MSC: Tsuruta Kanako ARG: Nishiwaki Tatsuya
2. tooku e yukou 4:30
[Let's Go Far Away]
LYC: Ueda Mari MSC: Ueda Mari ARG: Iwasaki Yasunori
3. Believe ~ 250MIX 4:01
LYC: Oikawa Neko MSC: Asai Yasuo ARG: Asai Yasuo
4. Tears of Eden 4:36
LYC: Shiramine Mitsuko MSC: Asai Yuuko ARG: Kawagoe Shigeyoshi
5. Not Alone 4:12
LYC: Oikawa Neko MSC: M. Rie ARG: Mizushima Yasutaka
6. Cocoon 4:14
LYC: Kudou Junko MSC: Kira Tomohiko ARG: Kira Tomohiko
7. Bossa de Houko 2:45
LYC: Tougo Hiroyuki & Sana MSC: Tougo Hiroyuki ARG: Tougo Hiroyuki
8. It's Too Late 4:04
LYC: Carol King & Toni Stern MSC: Carol King & Toni Stern ARG: Ootsuki Kalta Hidenobu
9. Antenna ~ Power Mix 4:21
LYC: Rian MSC: Fujiwara Ken'ichi ARG: Fujiwara Ken'ichi
10. yubisaki no mikazuki 5:11
[The Crescent Moon on Fingertips]
LYC: Shiramine Mitsuko MSC: Nishiwaki Katsuya ARG: Nishiwaki Katsuya
11. Air Fish 5:08
LYC: Taguchi Shun MSC: Nishiwaki Katsuya ARG: Nishiwaki Katsuya

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