Looking For

CD No: Konami KIDS-7603
Release date: 25 Feb 1998
Price: Y971
Total length: 13:09 (3 tracks)

This is the theme song for a movie with the same title in which Mariko plays the heroine (note it's NOT an anime but a live-action film). I haven't seen it yet but can say at least the song is pretty good.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Looking for 4:32
LYC: Kouda Mariko MSC: Nagatsuki Maron ARG: Nishiwaki Tatsuya
2. oozora no kanata e 3:59
[Beyond the Vast Sky]
LYC: Kouda Mariko MSC: Nishiwaki Tatsuya ARG: Nishiwaki Tatsuya
3. Looking for (karaoke) 4:37
MSC: Nagatsuki Maron ARG: Nishiwaki Tatsuya

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