Haru no Yume -Sanctus- [Spring Dream]

CD No: Nippon Columbia COCC-7587
Release date: 21 May 1991
Price: Y2718
Total length: 41:38 (9 tracks)

An interesting combination of artists, including Hosono Haruomi, contributes to this CD of Kawamura Maria. I can appreciate their effort to make something different from other seiyuu CDs. Heavy use of ethnic instruments and exotic melody do make this CD pretty unique but unfortunately it is not my cup of tea.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Planet Blue 4:19
LYC: Kawamura Maria MSC: Raji ARG: Hinda Tatsuya
2. umi ni dakare te 4:57
[Embraced by the Sea]
LYC: Kawamura Maria MSC: Yoshikawa Youichirou ARG: Yatabe Tadashi
3. yoake no hoshi no hikari 4:17
[The Star Light at Dawn]
LYC: Kawamura Maria MSC: Haishima Kuniaki ARG: Haishima Kuniaki
4. tsukiyo no koneko 4:07
[Kitten of Moon Night]
LYC: Kawamura Maria MSC: Hosono Haruomi ARG: Hishida Yoshimi
5. gekkouju 4:59
[The Moonlight Tree]
LYC: Kawamura Maria MSC: Ogawa Naoko ARG: Ueda Satoshi & Hishida Yoshimi
6. Beautiful Mango Tree 5:14
LYC: Kawamura Maria MSC: Kawamura Maria ARG: Hishida Yoshimi
7. haru no yume -Sanctus- 6:27
[Spring Dream -Sanctus-]
LYC: Kawamura Maria MSC: Honda Tatsuya ARG: Honda Tatsuya
8. Ushas no musume 2:50
[Daughter of Ushas]
Ushas is the goddess of the dawn in the Indian Myths.
LYC: Kawamura Maria MSC: Premdas Hegoda & Yatabe Tadashi ARG: Premdas Hegoda & Yatabe Tadashi
9. Renaissance 4:24
LYC: Kawamura Maria MSC: Ogawa Naoko ARG: Hishida Yoshimi

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