Meguriai -Thank You for Your Love-

CD No: J. Island JICD-006
Release date: 27 Dec 2009
Price: Y1905
Total length: 28:47 (6 tracks)

Junko's new mini album contains six songs, many of which are from her previous CDs with new arrangement. Most of them are very gentle.

NHT rating: Rating

1. koko ni iru yo 4:07
[I'll Be Here]
LYC: Taniyama Hiroko MSC: Iwao Junko ARG: Kawamura Ryuu
2. tashikana koto 4:36
[Things that Are Sure]
LYC: Kawaguchi Kaori MSC: Iwao Junko ARG: Kawamura Ryuu
3. Dream Dream 5:48
LYC: Taniyama Hiroko MSC: Sakitani Kenjirou ARG: Iwao Junko & Kawamura Ryuu
4. taiyou no kuni 4:25
[The Country of Sun]
LYC: Aiso Haruhi MSC: Aiso Haruhi ARG: Kawamura Ryuu
5. Happiness 5:05
LYC: Iwao Junko MSC: Iwao Junko ARG: Kawamura Ryuu
6. meguriai 4:46
[Encounter (Comme au Premier Jour)]
LYC: Iwao Junko & Mori Yuriko MSC: André Gagnon ARG: Kawamura Ryuu

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