CD No: Starboard Records STAR-2001
Release date: 1 Aug 2001
Price: Y1500
Total length: 16:13 (3 tracks)

Junko's latest maxi single consists of three new songs. The first two are very cheerful songs with a Latin American flavour. Track 2 is probably a good song to dance to it ^_^ The last song is a mellow one with the sad/lazy mood. Although not directly related, it is about "After the festival" and makes a contrast to Track 1.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Festazinho 4:28
LYC: Iwao Junko MSC: Watanabe Mikio ARG: Watanabe Mikio
2. B+ ~in summer holiday~ 5:38
LYC: Igarashi Hiroaki MSC: Yamamoto Harukichi ARG: Yamamoto Harukichi
3. sazanami 6:05
LYC: Aiso Haruhi MSC: Watanabe Mikio ARG: Watanabe Mikio

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