Keep Up Your Way

CD No: Youmex TYDY-5129
Release date: 28 Mar 1990
Price: Y1359
Total length: 15:59 (4 tracks)

This is an old CD single of Chieko. It is before she established her singing style and the songs are not particluarly great, IMO.

NHT rating: 2 donburi

1. koi no kyori wa 3 senchi 3:59
[The Love is Three Centimeters Away]
LYC: Funakoshi Keiji MSC: Miyata Kouki ARG: Miyata Kouki
2. ai o yamenai de 4:27
[Don't Stop Loving]
LYC: Funakoshi Keiji MSC: Miyata Kouki ARG: Mori Toshihiko
3. Girl is Cash! 3:45
LYC: Honda Chieko MSC: Funakoshi Keiji ARG: Doubles Company
4. Keep Up Your Way 3:43
LYC: Funakoshi Keiji MSC: Funakoshi Keiji ARG: Funakoshi Keiji

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