Yakusoku [Promise]

CD No: Vap VPCG-84674
Release date: 17 Mar 1999
Price: Y2913
Total length: 58:49 (11 tracks)

The first CD after her marriage is, not surprisingly, somewhat different from her previous CDs. The mood is far less "cute" but more gentle and caring. Of course, the title song 'Yakusoku' is about a girl in her wedding, probably herself. BTW, Track 11 consists of 'Yakusoku' (5:39), a long silence (5:07) and 'Party! Party!' (new mix, 3:37). This may symbolise a wedding ceremony followed by a reception.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. sakura chiru 4:46
[Fall of Cherry Blossoms]
LYC: Hisakawa Aya MSC: Asada Nao ARG: Uesugi Hiroshi
2. kimi no joshuseki 4:40
[Your Passenger Seat]
LYC: Hisakawa Aya MSC: Kajiwara Hidetake ARG: Uesugi Hiroshi
3. kore wa kore de arikana nante... 5:03
[This May not Be Bad after All...]
LYC: Hisakawa Aya MSC: M Rie ARG: Hyakkoku Hajime
4. bokura no dagashiya 3:57
[Our Sweets Shop]
LYC: Hisakawa Aya MSC: Tajima Kouji ARG: Hyakkoku Hajime
5. nan'yanen 4:26
[What's the Hell!?]
LYC: Hisakawa Aya MSC: Yamashita Shun ARG: Uesugi Hiroshi
6. Kobayasgi-kun no uta (That's Non-fiction!!) 4:28
[Song of Kobayashi-kun (That's Non-fiction!!)]
LYC: Hisakawa Aya MSC: Takanishi Kei ARG: Uesugi Hiroshi
7. Holiday 2:20
LYC: Hisakawa Aya MSC: Miyajima Ritsuko ARG: Uesugi Hiroshi
8. tomodachi no rain 6:02
[The Line of Friends]
LYC: Hisakawa Aya MSC: Cheap Hiroishi ARG: Cheap Hiroishi
9. Neutral 4:09
LYC: Hisakawa Aya MSC: Hyakkoku Hajime ARG: Hyakkoku Hajime
10. ichigo-sando 4:30
[Strawberry Sandwich]
LYC: Hisakawa Aya MSC: Miyajima Ritsuko ARG: Uesugi Hiroshi
11. yakusoku 14:23
LYC: Hisakawa Aya MSC: M Rie ARG: Uesugi Hiroshi

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