CD No: Ivory
Release date: 10 Aug 2001
Price: Y2381
Total length: 46:48 (11 tracks)

This is her first album. I have to admit she is too naive (or amateur-like) here but the songs are better then those in her second album.
The title of the album probably came from "Sendou Hitomi," Yura voiced in the first game of Triangle Heart.

NHT rating: Rating

1. "hijimemashite, Hinata Yura desu" 2:42
["How Do You Do? I'm Hinata Yura."]
2. natsu o oikakete 4:32
[Chasing the Summer]
LYC: Tsuzuki Maki MSC: Yoghurt ARG: Yoghurt
3. "Yura-san wa konna hito" 4:04
["Yura-san is like This"]
4. Kaleidoscope 4:38
LYC: Marino Aya MSC: Kacchin ARG: Kacchin
5. "Yura-san enjiru" 6:09
["Yura-san Performs"]
6. futari 4:32
[The Two]
LYC: Marino Aya MSC: Mine
7. "Yura-san no amai sasayaki Corner" 6:06
["Yura-san's Sweet Whispers"]
8. hashire onnanoko 3:51
[Run, Girl!]
LYC: Yuka & Tsuzuki Maki MSC: Kacchin ARG: Kacchin
9. "ima made to, kore kara to" 3:56
[The Past and The Future]
10. Pupil 6:12
LYC: Tsuzuki Maki & Yuka MSC: Kacchin ARG: Kacchin
11. (Ending) 0:06

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