CD No: Animage Record TKCA-70532
Release date: 25 Nov 1994
Price: Y2500
Total length: 29:47 (7 tracks)

A mini album under the Animage label. It starts with three acappella songs which may be ideal for romantic occasions (it reminded me of Christmas dinner ^_^;; Given the release date, I may not be ver far from the answer). The next two are jazzy and the last one is upbeat. The drama track is a fantasy about a little girl and runaway dog. She plays all the three roles (the girl and dog and her mother). After that comes an upbeat song, suitable to end the CD.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. yume no naka wa koibito 2:47
[Your Girlfriend In My Dream]
LYC: Gomi Chikako MSC: Yamamoto Harukichi ARG: Hiroya Junko
2. Je t'aime 3:26
LYC: LaLa MSC: Tajima Kouji ARG: Hiroya Junko
3. Will You Stay 3:30
LYC: Furukawa Masami MSC: Yasuda Tsuyoshi ARG: Hiroya Junko
4. hitori ni shinaide 4:33
[Don't Leave Me Alone]
LYC: Watanabe Momo MSC: Yushimura Osamu ARG: Iwamuro Akiko
5. Rainbow 3:03
LYC: Gomi Chikako MSC: Gomi Chikako ARG: Yoshimura Osamu
6. Story: iruka no suberidai 8:01
[Story: A Playground Slide Of A Dolphin]
LYC: Daimon Fumi ARG: Hazuki Fuuta
7. Present 4:23
LYC: LaLa MSC: Hisamatsu Mayoshi ARG: Tomotsune Masaki

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