Nijiiro no Sneaker

CD No: Star Child KIDA-15
Release date: 5 Mar 1991
Price: Y874
Total length: 8:10 (2 tracks)

Well, this CD is more than a decade old. But her basic style seems to have been established by then. Now you can tell, even compared with recent flux of new "singing" seiyuu's, how exceptional Megumi was.

NHT rating: Rating

1. nijiiro no Sneaker 4:18
[Rainbow-coloured Sneaker]
LYC: Karashima Midori MSC: Karashima Midori ARG: Murase Yasuhisa
2. koi no Scramble Race 3:52
[Scramble Race of Love]
LYC: Nishiwaki Yui MSC: Karashima Midori ARG: Murase Yasuhisa

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