Aru Hi Kamisama ni

CD No: Mellow Head LHCA-5035
Release date: 10 May 2006
Price: Y2286
Total length: 25:27 (6 tracks)

This is the first (mini) album by Mariaria (= Saneyoshi Isako + Itou Masumi), which includes the ED song of "Nishi no Yoki Majo."
It seems there are some errors in the booklet and I corrected them here as much as I can.

NHT rating: Rating

1. aru hi kamisama ni 2:37
[One Day I Met God]
LYC: Saneyoshi Isako MSC: John Rutter ARG: Saneyoshi Isako
2. Requiem 5:08
LYC: Saneyoshi Isako MSC: Gabriel Fauré ARG: Itou Masumi
3. Ave Maria 4:07
MSC: Giulio Caccini ARG: Itou Masumi
4. Bethlehem made dore kurai? 3:04
[How Far Is It to Bethelehem?]
LYC: Frances Chesterton MSC: (traditional) ARG: Itou Masumi
5. Nightingale 4:56
LYC: Saneyoshi Isako MSC: Saneyoshi Isako ARG: Itou Masumi
6. kanata 5:31
[Distant Place]
LYC: Saneyoshi Isako MSC: Itou Masumi ARG: Itou Masumi

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