CD No: King Records KICA-1346
Release date: 22 Dec 2004
Price: Y2857
Total length: 37:01 (9 tracks)

Minori's first album turns out to be much better than I had expected. It contains a nice selection of songs, showing she can handle a wide range of songs.
I can happily recommend the CD to all her fans. ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. majokko Megu-chan 3:31
[Megu-chan the Witch Girl]
LYC: Senke Kazuya MSC: Watanabe Takeo ARG: Watanabe Takeo
2. Jelly Beans 3:45
LYC: Yuumao MSC: Ichikawa Jun ARG: Ichikawa Jun
3. Marionette 3:59
LYC: Nishina Saki MSC: Mizukami Hiroki ARG: Mizukami Hiroki
4. kasa no shita 3:50
[Under the Umbrella]
LYC: Yuumao MSC: Yuumao ARG: Kanno Yuugo
5. namida no kinenbi 3:58
[Anniversary of Tear]
LYC: Kobayashi Kazuko MSC: BULGE ARG: Egami Koutarou
6. Naked Heart 4:05
LYC: Nishina Saki MSC: Watanabe Miki ARG: Watanabe Miki
7. Emotional 3:37
LYC: Kobayashi Kazuko MSC: Ueki Mizuki ARG: Tanaka Tadashi
8. konayuki ~Long Distance~ 5:22
[Power Snow ~Long Distance~]
LYC: Yuumao MSC: Oouchi Tetsuya ARG: Kanno Yuugo
9. Marionette (remix) 4:51
LYC: Nishina Saki MSC: Mizukami Hiroki ARG: Mizukami Hiroki

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