CD No: Zazou Records ZZCA-2001
Release date: 24 Dec 1999
Price: Y1000
Total length: 17:55 (4 tracks)

This is the first CD from their private label, Zazou Records. About 1.5 years before the major release of the Noir theme song,

NHT rating: Rating

1. Chaconne 2:56
LYC: MSC: Katakura Mikiya ARG: Katakura Mikiya
2. Coppelia no hitsugi 4:00
[The Coffin of Coppelia]
LYC: Takarano Arika MSC: Takarano Arika ARG: Katakura Mikiya
3. Babylone Café - Novellette 6:48
MSC: Katakura Mikiya & Robert Alexander Schumann ARG: Katakura Mikiya
4. aru natsu no gogo 4:11
[An Afternoon in Summer]
MSC: Katakura Mikiya ARG: Katakura Mikiya

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