Original Soundtrack

CD No: Vap VPCG-84670
Release date: 21 Feb 1999
Price: Y2857
Total length: 55:24 (13 tracks)

The soundtrack CD consists of BGMs, the opening theme, the ED song and two image songs. The number of the track for BGMs may seem small but each track contains more than one piece of music (probably with different "music numnber"). They are pretty orthodox, IMHO but fits very well to the story, which attepmted to be an orthodox space opera. The opening theme is a good example of it.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Opening Theme "seikai no monshou" 2:52
[Opening Theme "Emblem of the Stars"]
2. Abh no shinkou 4:29
[Invasion of Abh]
3. shounen Ghintec 4:53
[Ghintec, the Boy]
4. genzai -Abh no teema- 2:17
[Original Sin -Theme of Abh-]
5. deai "Lamhirh to yobuga yoi" 4:00
[Encounter "You May Call Me Lamhirh"]
6. Lamhirh ai no theme 3:23
[Lamhirh, Love Theme]
7. batsubyou 3:05
[Weigh Anchor!]
8. ai no musume "yurikago" (Bur-Bur) 4:11
[Daughter of Love "Cradle"]
9. junsatsukan Gothelauth bakusan 6:24
[Cruiser Gothlauth Exploded]
10. Tracy Hide (Wondermints) 4:47
11. zenkan sankai! wakuran no shukujo Spaurh 4:00
[Deploy the Fleet! Spaurh, the Lady of Confusion]
12. hoshitachi no kenzoku 5:42
[Members of the Stars]
13. Ending Theme "ushinawareta aozaora" (Time Slip-Rendezvous) 5:17
[Ending Theme "The Lost Blue Sky"]

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