Sasayakana Tatakai [A Small Battle]

CD No: Vap VPCG-84671
Release date: 25 Mar 1999
Price: Y2381
Total length: 76:32 (6 tracks)

The second of the three drama CDs covers the trouble at the Barony of Feubdash and the arrival of Ghintec and Lamhirh to the planet Crassbule of Sfagunaumh.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Opening Theme "seikai no monshou" 1:29
[Opening Theme "Crest of the Stars"]
2. dai-4-wa "Abh no hohoemi" 25:03
[Episode 4 "Abh's Smile"]
3. dai-5-wa "sasayakana tatakai" 21:13
[Episode 5 "A Small Battle"]
4. dai-6-wa "Sfagnaumh" 25:08
[Episode 6 "Sfagnaumh"]
5. Ending Theme "ushinawareta aozora" 2:09
[Ending Theme "Lost Blue Sky"]
6. Ending Credits 1:28

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by nonchan