Seikai no Danshou I "Tanjou / Kunrin"

CD No: Vap VPCG-84721
Release date: 22 Aug 2001
Price: Y2500
Total length: 70:40 (4 tracks)

Two audio drama based on side stories of the Seikai series. Both stories are really good and enjoyable.

The first one is about a trading journey of Dubeusec and Placiac (that is, Lamhirh's parents) before Lamhirh was born. As the story has been made into anime, many people should know the story (so I'll skip). Although the main part of the story is rather serious, the manzai-like conversations between them are really funny. I wish I could see more of the elegant lady in the series.

The second one is about Painaich when she was 16. On her birthday of 16 her mother, the Great Duke of the time, leaves her manor for Lacmhacarh, the Imperial Capital. She names her daughter as her deputy and gives full authority to run the dukedom. It was kind of an examination for Painaich to see if she can manage the dukedom and she faces planned and unplanned problems.

I had been wondering how Fukami Rika would act as the young Painaich but she does the wonderful job. Painaich sounds much younger and cuter but as "xxxxx" as she is now ^_^;;

NHT rating: Rating

1. seikai no senki II teema 1:40
[The Theme of Banner of the Stars II]
MSC: Hattori Katsuhisa ARG: Hattori Katsuhisa
2. dai-1-wa "tanjou" 28:16
[Episode 1 "Birth"]
3. dai-2-wa "kunrin" 36:09
[Episode 2 "Domination"]
4. Farewell to My Love (Kawasumi Ayako) 4:34
LYC: Fuyumori Kayoko MSC: Tanaka Kouhei ARG: Hamaguchi Shirou

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