Radio Drama I "Rukei no Hoshi" [The Prison Planet]

CD No: Vap VPCG-84705
Release date: 21 Jul 2000
Price: Y2500
Total length: 76:01 (5 tracks)

The second series of the Senki radio drama. The CD covers the first half of the novel, "Mamorubeki Mono".

One year after winning Operation Illusory Flare, the Empire mounts another attack named Operation Hunter. Lamhirh and Ghintec are again assigned to temporarily govern a planet which the fleet has conquered. Their task turns out to be a difficult one as they find the planet is a big prison, full of criminals.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Opening Theme "Seikai no Senki" 1:12
[Opening Theme "Battle Flag of the Stars"]
2. dai-1-wa "Robnass Seiiki" 25:27
[Episode 1 "The Robnass System"]
3. dai-2-wa "imin keikaku" 23:56
[Episode 2 "The Immigration Plan"]
4. dai-3-wa "Ahv no jigoku" 23:44
[Episode 3 "Abh's Hell"]
5. Pink (Yuamu) 1:40

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