Radio Drama II "Senjou" [Battlefield]

CD No: Vap VPCG-84698
Release date: 21 Apr 2000
Price: Y2625
Total length: 75:02 (5 tracks)

The second of the three-volume drama CDs.
The main force of the Three Nation Union decides to regain the Aptic Gate, to which Lamhirh's Basrogrh is assigned. So the defence fleet of the Sapce Navy has to defend the Gate against the enemy fleet which is much bigger for about 50 hours until their main force led by the Crown Prince arrives. In the middle of the fierce combat, the Basrogrh is fatally damaged and Lamhirh orders the crew to evacuate. But Ghintec goes missing in the chaos of the evacuation.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Opening Theme "Seikai no Senki" 1:12
[Opening Theme "Battle Flag of the Stars"]
2. dai-4-wa "kessen zen'ya" 26:37
[Epsiode 4 "The Eve of the Battle"]
3. dai-5-wa "boueisen" 23:15
[Episode 5 "The Defensive Battle"]
4. dai-6-wa "souin taihi" 22:16
[Episode 6 "Emergency Evacuation"]
5. Pink (Yuamu) 1:39
LYC: Mori Maho MSC: Saitou Hideo ARG: Saitou Hideo

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