Motion Picture Soundtrack

CD No: Victor VICL-178
Release date: 7 Aug 1991
Price: Y3000
Total length: 40:15 (15 tracks)

This is the soundtrack CD for the first movie. Solemn music by Wada Kaoru beautifully fits the serious mood if the film.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. kouma shoukan B304 0:46
[Summoning Light Entity B304]
2. kumo no ito 3:31
[A Spider's Thread]
The title of this track is written as 'tenkuu no kitou (The Orbit Of Heaven)' inkanji but its pronunciation is explicitly shown as 'kumo no ito'. A spider's thread often implies a fragile link between this world and the hell.
3. yamiyori no houkou 2:29
[Roaring From The Darkness]
4. Attacked Mystification Police Department 2:28
5. ai -Katsumi to Fuyuka- 2:20
[Affection -Katsumi And Fuyuka-]
6. fukyou waon 2:35
[A Discord]
7. kokuu to kikotsu 1:31
[Empty Space And Willful Spirit]
Here unusual kanji is used for 'kikotsu'. The first kanji ('ki') is normally that for "air" but this one is that for 'oni' ("monster" or "unhumanly thing").
8. noumu -None- (Matsui Naoko) 4:55
[Thick Fog -None-]
9. kunou e no kouchiku 3:23
[Construction Toward Agony]
10. Luciferhawk 3:26
11. chi no seiiki 3:06
[Sanctuary Of Blood]
12. hisou -Katsumi- 1:25
[Tragic Determination -Katsumi-]
13. sentou no utage e 2:37
[To The Feast Of Battles]
14. namida to kibou - soshite ame... 1:39
[Tears And Hopes -- and Rain...]
15. Silent Moebius - Sailing (Tokyou Shounen) 3:41

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