Silent Lovers

CD No: Lantis SXCR-609
Release date: 21 Apr 1994
Price: Y3000
Total length: 55:23 (17 tracks)

Probably the best SM drama CD. Rosa tries to cause troubles between Katsumi and Roy by pretending to be a young girl to seduce him. Although the main storyline is rather serious, funny side of this anime is featured a lot. Some of the conversations among the ladies are really funny.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Voice From Darkside (Matsui Naoko) 4:06
2. sasaina kiretsu 5:15
[A Trivial Crack]
3. kimyouna deai 2:40
[A Strange Encounter]
4. kouishitsu nite 1:22
[In The Dressing Room]
5. konwaku no mokugekisha 1:55
[Witnesses Of Confusion]
6. Saya no kokuhaku 2:10
[Saya's Confession]
7. Stardust Wish (Okamoto Maya) 4:50
8. heion no kyouchou 1:26
[Bad Omen Of Peace]
9. shawaa-ruumu no shougeki 1:43
[Shock In The Shower Room]
10. giwaku 0:43
11. tansa-eisei shidou! 1:36
[Start Up The Surveillance Satellite!]
12. kanashiki tsuiseki 0:31
[Sorrowful Pursuit]
13. sonzaishiteinai on'na!? 2:20
[A Woman Who Doesn't Exist!?]
14. youma tono tatakai! -Battle Of Glory- 12:44
[Battle With Luciferhawk -Battle Of Glory-]
15. The Waves -mirai e no hadou- (Honda Chieko) 5:17
[The Waves -The Wave Of The Future-]
16. heion'na hibi 2:15
[Peaceful Days]
17. Dream Girl (Toshitaro) 4:21

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by nonchan