Möbius Collage

CD No: Ayers AYCM-615
Release date: 21 Sep 1998
Price: Y2,857
Total length: 55:17 (10 tracks)

As the title suggests, this is assorted short drama tracks describing life of the AMP members off the battle with Luciferhawks. Some (like Private Talks) are funny and others are rather sentimental. All in all, it's an enjoyable drama CD.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. asa no Private Talk 2:44
[Private Talk in the Morning]
Katsumi comes to the office with apparently larger breasts. Lebia and Kiddy tease her, saying her bra must be the trick. But it is not laughable at all to poor Nami ^_^;;
2. kindan no Pensée (Ishitsuka Saori) 1:41
[The Forbidden Thoughts]
3. Acid Rain 9:07
Kiddy goes out to street after a small quarrel with Ralf. She happens to hit a site of trouble, where a man with machine body takes a small girl as a hostage.
4. Mis A.M.P. 8:33
The Police decides to have a contest to decides Mr & Ms Police. Most of the AMP members (including Mana and Rally) wants to represent AMP ^_^;;
5. ohiru no Private Talk 2:46
[Private Talk at Lunch Time]
Katsumi goes on a diet (again ^_^;;)
6. hatsu-ne 8:57
[The First Sound]
Nami is handed by Rally an old tsudumi (Japanese traditional hand-drum), which has been causing super-natural problems to its owner. Rally tells her to solve the case.
7. Koolong 9:07
Ramcheng uses her time off duty to destroy a drug syndicate in an Asian area.
8. Ada 8:17
Lebia dives into the logic space and hits into an ancient program by Ada Byron Lovelace.
9. After 5 no Private Talk 2:31
[Private Talk after Five]
Ramchen makes a sarcastic comment on the skin condition of "older" ladies with a predicted result.
10. Silently (TV size version) (Karen Moku) 1:29

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