Soundtrack Vol.2 [Japonesse Anthology Vol.2]

CD No: Star Child KICA-339
Release date: 9 Apr 1997
Price: Y3059
Total length: 73:40 (24 tracks)

The second soundtrack CD corresponding the latter half of the series. It contains BGMs, the full-length version of the OP/ED, the second type TV OP and five image songs. Reflecting the change of the mood of the show itself, there are more serious or moving tunes than in the first CD. One of the image songs, Izayoi, was used at the end Episode 24, which is one the best (and the most tearjerking) ending of an TV episode I've ever seen. Apparently the song was made long before the episode and inspired the director to come up with the ending.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Successful Mission (Hayashibara Megumi) 4:09
2. Japonesse gin'ei-shishuu 2:28
[Japonesse Anthology]
3. kiza da nee 4:10
[He's A Poser]
4. naniyara ayashige... 1:38
[Something Fishy]
5. tsuki no mienai yoru ni 4:18
[At A Moonless Night]
6. kage ni nare (Orikasa Ai) 3:50
[Become A Shadow]
7. kyouteki III kiken'na raivaru 3:20
[Formidable Enemy III A Dangerous Rival]
8. yami no kumo no ami 1:40
[Web Of The Spider Of Darkness]
9. Don't Waste Your Love (Inoue Teruyo) 3:52
10. igyou no akuma 2:39
[Daemon Of A Unusual Shape]
11. kyouteki IV kanashiki ningyou 1:23
[Formidable Enemy IV Pitiful Dolls]
12. nagare-boshi de ii (Takano Urara, Mizutani Yuuko & Inoue Kikuko) 4:34
[I'm Only Happy To Be A Shooting Star]
13. kurutta haguruma 3:52
[Disturbed Cogwheels]
14. subete no chikara o --makenai makenai-- 2:52
[With All My Power --I Shan't Lose I Shan't Lose--]
15. Successful Mission (TV Size Type-II) (Hayashibara Megumi) 1:33
16. mirai o kimi ni 2:49
[Future... To You]
17. omoi, hate naku --otome-tachi no tatakai-- 3:06
[Passion, Endlessly --Battle Of The Girls--]
18. izayoi (Hayashibara Megumi) 5:03
[The Sixteenth Night Of A Lunar Month]
19. eigou kaiki --ima, hajimari o tsuge-- 1:28
[Eternal Recurrence --Proclaiming The Beginning Now--]
20. kibou no teema (Iwamoto Megumi) 4:18
[Theme Of Hope]
21. Otaru-! 2:23
22. ouyo! 1:27
23. I'll Be There (Hayashibara Megumi) 5:30
24. Bridge 1:04

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