Saber Marionette J The Radio "Japonesse Karakuri Nikki Sono Ni-maku" [Japonesse Marionette Diary Chapter 2]

CD No: Star Child KICA-365
Release date: 3 Sep 1997
Price: Y2300
Total length: 66:11 (10 tracks)

The second of the radio drama series.
This time the two episodes are totally independent from the real storyline. The SMJ gangs are sent into a school and prehistoric date.
Although there are funny bits (like Faust as the God of Toilet ^_^;;), the quality is nowhere near the first volume. I can understand what they wanted to do with these drama but have to say they failed.

NHT rating: 2 donburi

1. makuaki 1:51
dai-3-wa "nekketsu-gakuen Terra Two Wars"
[Episode 3 "The Hot-Blooded School Terra Two Wars"]
2. asa no fuuki sensou!! 8:53
[Discipline War in the Morning]
3. hiru no shokuji sensou 7:56
[Meal War at Noon]
4. seitokai senkyo sensou 10:37
[Election War of the Student Union]
5. makuai 4:56
dai-4-wa "sekki-jidai da! Saber J"
[Episode 4 "It's the Stone Age! Saber J"]
6. genshi no susume 8:29
[Invitation to the Primitive Age]
7. gekitotsu! otoku tai on'na 8:27
[Crash! Men vs Women]
8. barairo no senritsu! aniki-kairo! 10:27
[Rose-red Shudder! Aniki-Circuit!]
9. seishun wa owaranai (Imai Yuka & Horiuchi Ken'yuu) 4:02
[There is No End in Our Youth]
LYC: Kimoto Keiko MSC: Sakashita Shigemi ARG: Sakashita Shigemi
10. makugire 1:18

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