Saber Marionette J The Radio "Japonesse Karakuri Nikki Sono Ichi-maku" [Japonesse Marionette Diary Chapter 1]

CD No: Star Child KICA-359
Release date: 6 August 1997
Price: Y2300
Total length: 56:38 (10 tracks)

This radio drama series were released after the TV series and before the OVA series. Thus the story is also set in the same time. It is very funny and definitely one of better drama CDs. Especially the battle of naughty imagination between Cherry and Luchs is hilarious.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. makuaki 2:14
dai-1-wa "Japonesse SP torimono-chou"
[Episode 1 "The Casebook of Japonesse SP"]
2. nen ni ichido no omatsuri nite sourou 7:55
[It's the Annual Festival]
3. Lime to Lorelei to jigen-bakudan 7:00
[Lime and Lorelei and a Time Bomb]
4. Kanda Myoujin, daidan'en 6:23
[Happy Ending at Kanda Myoujin Shrine]
5. makuai 3:24
dai-2-wa "hitou Otomegafuchi kaiki-tan"
[Episode 2 "A Ghost Story at the Hidden Hot-spring of Otomegafuchi"]
6. youkai Chinchirichin 8:33
[Chinchirichin, the Monster]
7. "a-a, gokuraku x 2" 8:02
["Oh my, It's Heaven"]
8. Otomegafuchi aika 7:33
[The Otomegafuchi Elegy]
9. yume e no Runner (Imai Yuka & Horiuchi Ken'yuu) 4:17
[Runner to Dream]
LYC: Kimoto Keiko MSC: Sayono Sui ARG: Koitabashi Hiroshi
10. makugire 1:13

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