Tsukamoto Tenma

CD No: Star Child KICA-653
Release date: 22 Jul 2004
Price: Y1500
Total length: 39:43 (14 tracks)

The first of the image CD series is for our "boke" heroine, Tenma. It has three songs (only one of them is by her) and a number of short drama tracks. The content is rather disappointing, though. It sounds as if the staff and cast haven't got into the series yet.
BTW, Track 9 and 10 are NOT ordinary cast talk and advertisement of the anime. In a way they are better than the drama part.

NHT rating: Rating

1. #00: Title Call 2:18
2. Closer (Unicorn Table) 4:11
LYC: Salia MSC: Shin-go ARG: Unicorn Table
3. #01: Curry no asa 2:02
[#01: Morning of Curry]
4. #02: "san-biki ga kirareru" 3:12
[#02: "The Three Are Slayed"]
5. #03: rakugo 2:47
[#03: Rakugo]
6. Tenma no nikki 0:53
[Tenma's Diary]
7. sutekina yokan (Koshimizu Ami) 3:44
[Wonderful Premonition]
LYC: Takenaka Mika MSC: Takenaka Mika ARG: Oomori Toshiyuki
8. dai-2-kan yokoku 1:04
[Preview of Volume 2]
9. Cast Talk 2:10
10. CM 1:04
11. Punk Bung Heart (Aco) 4:08
LYC: Aco MSC: torio ARG: torio
12. Closer (karaoke) 4:12
MSC: Shin-go ARG: Unicorn Table
13. sutekina yokan (karaoke) 3:44
[Wonderful Premonition]
MSC: Takenaka Mika ARG: Oomori Toshiyuki
14. Punk Bung Heart (karaoke) 4:07
MSC: torio ARG: torio

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