Drama CD

CD No: SME Visual Works SVWC-7114
Release date: 19 Dec 2001
Price: Y2913
Total length: 50:20 (5 tracks)

This CD drama consists of three drama tracks and two image songs (probably for Nenene). The first two episodes feature Yomiko and Nenene, Yomiko's ex-student and friend, who does not appear in anime (although she leaves her traces a lot ^_^;;). The third one is about Wendy's tough and comical day at the British Library.
At the beginning of the CD, I thought Mizuno Manabi as Nenene was an excellent choice but, as the CD went on, I had to think "?." The image songs don't fit in the series. Besides the story isn't particularly well-written. The saving grace is the speed of the story; lively chat between Yomiko and Nenene are really comfortable to my ear ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. dai-1-wa "hotta sagashita yonda" 17:52
[Episode 1 "I Dug. I Searched. I Read"]
2. itsuka no mahou (Mizuno Manabi) 3:03
[Magic of One Day]
LYC: Saitou Inko MSC: Iwasaki Taku ARG: Iwasaki Taku
3. dai-2-wa "Write My Fire" 14:13
[Episode 2 "Write My Fire"]
4. Imagination Princess (Mizuno Manabi) 2:57
LYC: Saitou Inko MSC: Iwasaki Taku ARG: Iwasaki Taku
5. dai-3-wa "kochira daiei-teikoku toshokan tokushukousakubu-nai hakenjo" 12:15
[Episode 3 "This is a Contingent within the British Library Special Task Force"]

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