Special CD

CD No: Geneon Entertainment LPR-491
Release date: 28 Dec 2005
Price: Y100
Total length: 35:02 (3 tracks)

This is a promotional CD sold at Comike 68 and contains the first part of the web radio and the OP and ED songs (TV size).
I have to say if Rina was a better singer, both songs would be far funnier, with Mizushima & Karedou at the full throttle. ^_^;; Track 1 is pretty interesting; it is extremely open about the reality of the anime how promotions these days. You'll see how and why(?) this CD was made ^_-

NHT rating: Rating

1. "touge no Radio" dai-1-kai 31:55
["Radio from the Mountain Pass" Vol.1]
2. dai mahou touge (Satou Rina) 1:33
[The Great Magic Pass]
LYC: Mizushima Tsutomu MSC: Takagi Ryuuji ARG: Takagi Ryuuji
3. hone aru kagiri sakae are (Satou Rina) 1:33
[God Bless You As Long As There Are Bones]
LYC: Karedou Natsuko MSC: Takagi Ryuuji ARG: Takagi Ryuuji

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