Artbooks of Polyphonica

Visual Fan Book Visual Fan Book
Date: 31 Aug 2007
Publisher: Soft Bank Creative
ISBN: 978-4-7973-4414-1
Price: Y2500
Format: A4, 114 pages (all in colour)
This is a joint artbook for the four novel series. So Kannazuki Noboru (Crimson), Bun-Bun (Black), Kinako Hiro (White) and Usatsuka Eiji (Blue) contribute their illustrations here. Yet the Crimson series by Kannazuki is the main feature and he (or Corticarte) gets the front cover and a mini-poster.
Neko no Ashiato Neko no Ashiato
Date: ?? ?? 2007
Publisher: private
ISBN: n/a
Price: Y2400
Format: A4, 120 pages (35 pages in colour)
This is an artwork collection of Catwalk, a game creator group. So it's not specific to Polyphonica but is for three games under their label; "Polyphonica," "Maou to Odore! (Legend of the Lord of Lords)" and "Demiourgos no Musume (Daughter of Demiourgos)". Note that the last two are H games and so are their illustrations.
Kannazuki Illustrations Kannazuki Illustrations
Date: 31 Mar 2010 (nominal)
Publisher: Soft Bank Creative
ISBN: 978-4-7973-5890-2
Price: Y2500
Format: A4, 128 pages (112 pages in colour)
This is an artbook by Kannazuki Noboru for Polyphonica.
It's full of excellent works and I can recommend it for most fans. Personally more illustrations of Yugiri sisters would have made me happier. ^_^;;;

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