Image Album "Waiwai de Ikou" [Let's Go Cheerfully]

CD No: Lantis LACA-5120
Release date: 2 Oct 2002
Price: Y2857
Total length: 59:56 (10 tracks)

This is a drama CD with a few image songs, out of which two (Misha's and Kaoru's) are new. Each drama tracks are independent and most of them are as comical and heart-warming as the TV series. My favourite is the last one, where Misha is asked in her angel exam to find out what angels and devils have in common.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Drama "ganbatta hito e no ganbarikata" 6:31
[Drama "How to Do Your Best for Somehow Who is Doing His Best"]
2. ukiuki taratta (Tamura Yukari) 3:41
[I'm So Excited to Start Dancing]
LYC: Ebata Ikuko MSC: Kanai Kousuke ARG: Kanai Kousuke & Osada Naoyuki
3. Drama "kyouiku shidou no shikata" 9:41
[Drama "How to Teach and Train"]
4. yokan (short ver.) (Yukana & Touma Yumi) 2:10
LYC: Ebata Ikuko MSC: Nanase Hikaru ARG: Nanase Hikaru
5. Drama "otonari tenshi no sagurikata" 9:35
[How to Investigate the Angel in Your Neighbour]
6. Sigh, Sigh (short ver.) (Kugimiya Rie) 1:34
7. Drama "kyoudai taiketsu no shikata" 8:43
[Drama "The Way for Brother and Sister to Confront Each Other"]
8. Kaoru no Miracle Spiral Love! (Nogawa Sakura) 4:14
[Kaoru's Miracle Spiral Love!]
LYC: Ebata Ikuko MSC: Funta ARG: Hyakkoku Hajime
9. Drama "onaji tokoro no mitsukekata" 11:46
[Drama "How to Find Common Things"]
10. Trouble Angel (short ver.) (Sawashiro Miyuki) 2:02
LYC: Ebata Ikuko MSC: Nanase Hikaru ARG: Tada Mitsuhiro & Nanase Hikaru

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