Kokoro no Oto

CD No: Marine Entertainment MMCC-6013
Release date: 24 Jan 2003
Price: Y1200
Total length: 17:27 (3 tracks)

The maxi single of the ED song. The second track is a short story about Kana, a friend of Miu and Yuuki who left the town when they were 13.

NHT rating: Rating

1. kokoro no oto (Ueno Youko) 3:43
[Sound of Heart]
LYC: Ueda Yukari MSC: Ueno Youko ARG: Ueno Youko
2. Sound Drama "Endless Friend ~itsumademo~" 10:00
[Sound Drama "Endless Friend ~Forever~"]
3. kokoro no oto (karaoke) 3:42
[Sound of Heart]
MSC: Ueno Youko ARG: Ueno Youko

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by nonchan