Drama CD Vol.2

CD No: Star Child KICA-393
Release date: 21 Feb 1998
Price: Y2427
Total length: 60:41 (8 tracks)

The second part of the radio drama series. Papacha tries to allure Keyne by a nice-looking man but, not surprisingly, Oun gets allured all the time ^_^;; Track 7, newly made for the CD, is probably the best in the both drama CD (perhaps because there are less restrictions on what you can say on CDs than on radio ^_-). It is about Ma Mamie's (Papacha's lover) somewhat distorted affection to him ^_^l;; and pretty funny.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Avant "kyou mo kyou tote yarareteta" 4:58
["He Was Beaten Today Again"]
2. dai-5-wa: "ikashita bikei nya toge ga aru" 7:18
[Episode 5 "A Cool Beautiful Man Tends To Be Vicious"]
3. dai-6-wa: "soredemo bikei nya toge ga aru" 7:52
[Epsiode 6 "Even So, A Beautiful Man Tends To Be Vicious"]
4. dai-7-wa: "iki de inasena yatsu datta" 9:15
[Episode 7 "He Was A Cool And Active Guy"]
5. dai-8-wa: "nigete oikake mushi sareta" 7:13
[Epside 8 "I Ran Away, Got Chased And Was Ignored"]
6. Pinchi! (Short Version) (Horie Yui) 1:46
7. CD Special Drmama "horeta yowami de tsuitekita" 18:38
[CD Drama Special "I've Followed Him Here Because Of Love"]
8. koi to yobunara (Kuroda Yumi) 3:37
[If You Call It Love]

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