Drama CD Vol.1

CD No: Star Child KICA-377
Release date: 6 Nov 1997
Price: Y2427
Total length: 54:47 (8 tracks)

This is a drama CD based on the radio drama made before the OVA series. The drama (each track is independent) tries to exploit interactions between characters (like many CD dramas in Tenchi) and has nothing to do with the OVA story although it reveals some of the background information of the OVA (eg. Track 7 tells you how Papacha acquired Pochi's). Track 6 is a short version of the ED song of the OVA.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. Avant "baka ga hisshi ni shabetteta" 5:28
[An Idiot Was Speaking Frantically]
2. dai-1-wa: "hara ga hettara odoroita" 7:41
[Episode 1 "Feeling Hungry, I'm Surprised"]
3. dai-2-wa: "ittara dare mo inakatta" 7:11
[Episode 2 "Coming Here, I Found No One"]
4. dai-3-wa: "kousha no urade matteita" 7:22
[Episode 3 "She Was Waiting At The Back Of The School"]
5. dai-4-wa: "bou de nagurare tondetta" 7:44
[Episode 4 "He Was Hit With A Stick To Far Away"]
6. Pinch! (Short version) (Horie Yui) 1:46
7. CD Special Drama "iranai mono o okurareta" 14:05
[CD Special Drama "I Was Given Something I Don't Want"]
8. kon'na kimochi ga daisuki (Horie Yui) 3:29
[I Love Feelings Like This]

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