Sora no Aosa

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-35351
Release date: 13 Mar 2002
Price: Y1200
Total length: 15:01 (4 tracks)

A small vocal collection of "A Palme of Tree." The first one is the ED song by Arai Akino, suggesting the gentle yet solid determination of Palme at the end of the movie.
Track 2 is Cyan's image song, used at various places in the film. It conveys the dark side of the film in the contrast to the ED song and a key factor of the anime. Track 3 is its lute version.
The last song is the song from the record played in Gara's room (without the scratch noise ^_-). I don't know what language is used here and, if any one can tell, please let me know.

NHT rating: Rating

1. sora no aosa (Arai Akino) 7:08
[Blue of the Sky]
LYC: Arai Akino MSC: Arai Akino ARG: Hogari Hisaaki
2. Cyan no uta (Arai Akino) 2:48
[Song of Cyan]
LYC: Nakamura Takashi MSC: Harada Takashi ARG: Harada Takashi
3. Cyan no uta (Lute version) 1:55
[Song of Cyan]
MSC: Harada Takashi ARG: Harada Takashi
4. Java d'Alma (Harada Takashi)
LYC: Harada Takashi MSC: Harada Takashi ARG: Harada Takashi

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