CD Cinema 2 "mirai e no kaiki" [Return to the Future]

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-445
Release date: 21 Nov 1993
Price: Y2913
Total length: 57:59 (6 tracks)

A collection radio drama made before the OVA series. Again the drama are set in later days of their life on the moon. Therefore, the story is really dramatic and painful.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. mikazuki no shindai (Arai Akino) 1:11
[A Bed of the Crescent Moon]
2. dai-5-wa "samenu omoi" 11:35
[Episode 5 "Passion Which Never Cools Down"]
Shion and Shuzuran look back why they have come to KK.
3. dai-6-wa "bosei zenmetsu" 12:38
[Episode 6 "Extinction of the Mother Planet"]
Their mother planet, Shia, is completely destroyed by the war. Some wants to go to KK but others refuse it.
4. dai-7-wa "kokuhaku" 14:04
[Episode 7 "Confession"]
Shion is expelled from the members for his "dangerous attitude", which makes Mokuren realises she loves him. After all the troubles, they finally gets engaged.
5. dai-8-wa "mirai e no kaiki" 15:08
[Episode 8 "Return to the Future"]
Ring recollects their tragic final days on the moon.
6. yume no sumika (Hamada Rie) 3:20
[Where Dreams Live]

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